Fewer Moving Parts

Perhaps with mainstream culture moving away from emo and screamo as buzz words, it is safe to use them again without the caveat of “real” in front. Fewer Moving Parts shows no shame in such labels, instead wearing them like a badge of honor. They have found a fresh sound by looking back into screamo obscurity for influence. Somehow, they have managed to sound both nostalgic and refreshing at the same time. Their first set of songs, released on cd as “Someday”, shows a subdued energy evoked by the tension between wit and passion. Fewer Moving Parts appeals both to the heart and the head.

Members: Garrett S.- guitar, Keith E.- bass, Trent T.- drums, Nathan B.- vocals
Past members: James T.- drums (2011)


Available on Spring Street Records:


Cassette split w/ Fargo
Fargo Tape


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