Exposures was surely one of the greatest punk bands ever in Alabama. For those lucky few who saw them perform, it would take but little persuasion to convince them that Exposures was one of the best punk bands of all time. They were everything a punk band should be: loud, raucous, passionate, pure. Their first demo, “I Think About Hell Alot”, sold out at 100 copies in no time. They were working on a new batch of songs when frontman Tripp Norris passed away suddenly. His loss shook the Birmingham community. Some of those songs were intended for a 7 inch split with Wildcat Revival, but they were never finished. Spring Street Records was partially born out of a desire to see that split come together in some form. Two songs from the original demo were groomed for vinyl, and 100 copies of the split were pressed. While you may not find many bands currently emulating their sound, the level of honesty and passion on display during every Exposures show has set a creative standard against which every Birmingham punk will inevitably measure themselves.

Members: Tripp N.- vocals, Keith E.- guitar, Carter G.- bass, Matt T.- drums


Available from Spring Street Records:

7″ split w/ Wildcat Revival