Black Hole Kids

Black Hole Kids have been making art of disaffected urban noise for years. The trio that form the core of the group grew up together in the Birmingham suburbs and have long been making music together under one banner or another. Birmingham locals may recall Steel City Crime, Now I Have a Machine Gun, I Am I, Casual Wrecks, or Exposures, all of which had at least two members of BHK. Black Hole Kids came together as a project after the dissolution of the legendary Now I Have a Machine Gun. BHK continued the previous group’s forays into thrash, noise, screamo, and general distortion. Their self-released debut Dull Conjectures established a dark and haunting aesthetic fitting for their post-industrial urban setting. Their first release for Spring Street Records, aptly titled Prosthesis Volume 1, contains two unreleased tracks from the Dull Conjectures sessions featuring guest vocals from two friends, Nathan Barrett (Fewer Moving Parts, Wildcat Revival) and the late Tripp Norris (Now I Have a Machine Gun, Exposures). Black Hole Kids finished new recordings in Spring of 2012 and are looking to release those in the near future.

Members: Keith E.- bass, Wess G.- guitar/vocals, Matt T.- drums

Available from Spring Street Records:

Prosthesis Volume 1

Dull Conjecture 7″