Spring 2012 Update

So these updates are starting to become merely seasonal. Oh well, that just means more to talk about in each update. Since I last posted here, we released the Younger Siblings/ Nightmare Boyzzz cassette split. If I may, it sounds fantastic. You can pick one up here.

We have several more tapes on the horizon. We should have a cassette from the Black Hole Kids out in the coming weeks. Around the same time, we will have a cassette from Deism, the new heavy band from members of Fewer Moving Parts, The Fourth Estate, and others. We also have a pair of cassette splits planned for Holiness Church of the Valley, one with Birmingham’s Slave and another with Nashville’s Pornography. Those will be a bit further down the road. Also, I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing a live recording of Olympia, Washington’s Generifus performing at a house show in Birmingham.  The release will be on cassette of course, and you can look for that in the next month.

We still have some loose ends to tie up from old promised releases. The hold up on the End of a Year/Salt Mine 7 inch seems to be the mixing on the End of a Year tracks, as I understand it. Once I get the tracks, it will take a few months to get it pressed. At this point, we are talking at least late summer before that will be released. The hold up on the Wildcat Revival/Exposures 7 inch is me. It is pressed. I have artwork. I just have to put together the packaging, which I probably wont get around to until May. Then there is the Nebulous EP on cd. I have not yet seen the art layout for that. As soon as I do, that will be sent off for pressing. The turn around on that will be short.

That about wraps everything up for now. We are moving out of Firehouse and off ‘Spring Street’ at the end of April. We are keeping the name, but a new location is yet to be determined.