Update- 11/8/11

The Firehouse‘s 2nd birthday show is this weekend. Six of our favorite local bands will be playing for just $2. Spring Street Records will be there with all of our current releases including for the first time the new Salt Mine cassette. We will be selling all four of our currently available releases as a package deal for $12. That includes the Younger Siblings 7 inch and the Salt Mine, Fewer Moving Parts, and The Urns cassettes. The show is Saturday at 6pm. There will be a potluck dinner at 5pm.

Of course, we are really excited for the release of the Salt Mine cassette “Small Fires” this weekend. Get a preview here. We are also pleased to announce The Fourth Estate EP release show will be Sunday, December 18th at the Firehouse. We are certainly excited to be a part of that project.

The Younger Siblings 7 inch “Bald Eagles Aren’t Really Bald” is now available at Renaissance Records in Five Points South in Birmingham. Be sure to stop in, say hello to Ramy, and pick up a copy.