Update- 10/16/11

First of all, we have some new releases to announce! Spring Street Records will be putting out new material from The Fourth Estate and Salt Mine in November. The Fourth Estate recently recorded with Joseph McQueen. We will be putting those recordings out on a short run of CDs that should be out in November or December. Salt Mine has been looking to put out the songs they recorded with Emanual Ellinas for a couple months, and they have finally found a home at Spring Street. The release will be on cassette tape. The target date is November 12th. You can hear two of the songs on their bandcamp (linked above).

The Younger Siblings 7 inch is finally together. I have posted a couple pictures on our facebook page. We still have to put quite a few of them together, but we are thrilled with how they have turned out. Look for those in early November.

The Urns cassettes will be released on Sunday, Oct 23rd at the Firehouse show with Cobra Skulls, Nothington, and Light Skits. You will want to be sure to grab a copy before they run out. They are limited to 70.

Finally, I want to mention that Spring Street release number 003 has life. It was a project that got stalled in the planning stages, and I had lost hope that it would come together. Today’s news is that it is likely to happen. I am holding off on announcing details until we are confident, but I am thrilled at the opportunity it presents. Stay plugged in for details.