So Many Releases

Spring Street Records is blowing up this fall. The first two Fewer Moving Parts releases have come out in the last month or so. The Younger Siblings 7 inch should arrive in a week or two. We have managed to secure verbal agreements to get the 7 inch in some regional stores, which is pretty cool. Hopefully we will have that put together in time for their appearance at Athens Pop Fest. The Urns cassette “We’re Just Trying to Live” will be released at the Cobra Skulls show on October 23rd at the Firehouse. The target release date for the Wildcat Revival/Exposures split 7 inch is December 3rd, so be on the lookout for that. We have another couple of releases that we are hoping to put together before the end of the year. I will try to start updating this more regularly, so keep checking back for updates.